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Hello! Thanks so much for visiting my site! Below I have listed some frequently asked questions. If you have a question that is not covered here, please feel free to ask me on the contact page, which can be found here.

I don’t have the yarn specified in your pattern. What else can I use?

That’s totally alright. The yarn specified in the patterns is only a suggestion. You may use any yarn in your stash that is of similar weight. In many cases, you can even use a different weight yarn and it will still look great! Just always be sure to make a gauge swatch first. Gauge is very important with most crochet patterns, especially wearables.

Help! My body measurements fall between the sizes specified in your pattern. How do I choose?

That’s great! You are one of the lucky ones that could wear either size! 😉 The answer depends on your preferences and the pattern. If you would like your project to be close fitting, choose the smaller size. If you would like it to be slightly more loose, go with the larger size. If you look in the notes section of each pattern, It will give you the bust measurement of the model and the size they are wearing. Which may also help in making your decision.

Can I feature one of I Need It Crochet Designs’ patterns in a roundup?

Yes. of course! Feel free to add any of my patterns to your roundup and link it back to this blog. You may use one of the photos I post in my Ravelry page.

Can I sell projects I make from I Need It Crochet Designs’ patterns?

Finished items made from the patterns on this blog belong to you and you may do what you wish with them. If you choose to sell them on Etsy I would very much appreciate it if you credited me as the pattern designer.

How do I print/save/download the free crochet pattern?

My website does not allow the copy/paste option. This is to protect me from people who would copy and paste my patterns and distribute them to others or sell them as their own.

The crochet patterns contained on this blog are copyright protected. You may not copy, share, change, or sell the pattern itself. Also, you may not claim the patterns as your own. If you would like the added convenience of using the pattern offline, I also offer downloadable PDF copies for a fee. But you are not required to buy the pdf to use the pattern. It is always available to see for free on the blog. You are welcome to take notes and create project pages on Ravelry, but printing out the entire pattern from the blog is not allowed.

Why don’t you allow people to print the patterns off of your website?

Like many designers, I offer people the opportunity to view my patterns for free on my blog. Each pattern is available to see, in it’s entirety, on the blog 24/7 for absolutely no charge. In exchange, bloggers like myself collect revenue from the ads placed on the blogs. These ads cost the viewer nothing. 

I also offer downloadable and printable pdf copies of all of my patterns on Ravelry. These pdfs are available for a small service fee.

Each of my patterns takes on average 2 weeks to design and publish. A lot of work goes into pattern designing and there is a lot of skill involved. Pattern writing is something I enjoy and I am fortunate to be able to turn it into my full time job. The revenue generated from ads and pdf sales helps to put food on the table and a roof over my families head. Without this revenue I would have to work another job to support my family and sadly, I would not have to time to write patterns. 

I hope you enjoy viewing and using the patterns on my blog. If there is anything else I can help you with, please feel free to ask. You can send me a message by using my contact form, which can be found here.

Happy hooking! 😉

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