Bring On Spring Crochet Pattern Roundup

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Thank you for reading my Bring On Spring Crochet Pattern Roundup! Many of the patterns contained in this post are not mine and I do not claim them as mine. They are the the hard work of the fabulous crochet designers who made them. The free crochet patterns contained in this post are all linked back to their original blogs, and the paid patterns are all linked back to the shops where you can purchase them. All the credit goes to the designers. Creating a crochet pattern requires much work, so please do go and visit their blogs and shops and show them some love!

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Spring is truly one of my favourite times of the year. The birds return. The grass begins to grow. The first, most daring butterflies emerge. I just love watching the world awaken. It kicks my inspiration into overdrive and helps me come up with some of my greatest designs.

But, since I can’t share all of the ideas in my head with you right now, I thought I would compile a roundup of gorgeous Spring crochet patterns for you! Below you will find a list of twenty (20!!!) crochet patterns suitable for the warm weather ahead. I hope you enjoy them!

Aviva Summer Top Crochet Pattern (Free)

By Hooked On Patterns

This light crochet top is simple and sophisticated. I love the gorgeous drape and the mesh detail at the shoulders. This would be a perfect Spring Crochet Pattern.

Pretty In Purple Shawl Crochet Pattern (Paid)

By Fosbas Designs

Spring Crochet Pattern

Fosbas designs is known for creating versatile, convertable patterns, and this one is no exception. This piece can be worn as a vest (as shown in the picture) or as a shawl.

Urban Mermaid Crochet Purse Pattern (Free)

By The Burgundy Basket

I’ll admit that there are times when I would like to be a mermaid. But you don’t have to have fins to flaunt their style. This purse has just the right amount of whimsy.

Bijou Top Crochet Pattern (Paid)

By Deni Made

Spring Crochet Pattern

Tops! If you’ve been watching my blog for long enough, you know I love them! This crochet top by Deni Made is a must make!

Floria Top Crochet Pattern (Free)

By Yarn Thrift

Another thing I adore is texture, whch is why the Floria Top crochet pattern caught my eye. This model looks amazing in red, but I’m picturing this pattern in green for me!

All Meshed Up Summer Top Pattern (Paid)

By Cosy Rosie UK

Spring Crochet Pattern

This crochet top by Cosy Rosie is a super easy and quick warm weather project. Side slits, colour blocking, and mesh detailing make this top a wardrobe staple!

Ivy Lane Infinity Scarf Pattern (Free)

By Through The Loop Yarn Craft

Sometimes, an outfit just needs an accessory. This light infinity scarf would be the perfect addition to any outfit.

Sunlit Cardigan Crochet Pattern (Paid)

By Poppy Shop

This crochet cardigan has it all. Lacy texture, stylish drape, and that colour! This piece would look fabulous over a tshirt and jeans, or your fancy going out clothes.

Sunset Sea Vest Crochet Pattern (Free)

By Yarn Thrift

I am a real sucker for a long lacy vest! And this vest has my attention! I love the stitch pattern that Yarn Thrift used here. It really gives that wanderlust, boho vibe.

Vee Tee Crochet Pattern (Paid)

By Jo’s Crafty Hook

This tee crochet pattern by Jo’s Crafty Hook is another simple, quick project perfect for Spring. And the wide neckline is so flattering.

Tulip Bouquet Tote Bag Pattern (Free)

By Spring Into Fall Designs

Spring Crochet Pattern

Nothing says Spring like Tulips! I can totally picture myself walking through this years outdoor markets, filling this bag with goodies.

Summer Bobble Pom Pom Poncho Pattern (Paid)

By Melu Crochet

I simply had to include this pattern. Not only is the garment itself bright and fun, but the name! Just try saying the name without smiling. I dare you.

Lattice Hair Tie Crochet Pattern (Free)

By Another Mum Fights The Dust

As the temperature goes up, so does the hair! This crochet hair tie will keep your locks tamed and looking fabulous.

Bermuda Triangle Blouse Crochet Pattern (Paid)

By Spring Into Fall Designs

Spring Crochet Pattern

At this time of year, I live in Spring sweaters. This short sleeve crochet sweater is so beautiful, I don’t know if I could ever take it off!

Bauble Tee Crochet Pattern (Free)

I Need It Crochet Designs

The Bauble Tee - Free Crochet Pattern

I couldn’t wait for the weather to warm up so I could take this beauty out of hiding. And now I’m thinking I should make another in a solid colour!

Cute AF Crop Top Pattern (Paid)

By Knotty Bliss Boutique

The name says it all with this pattern. The top is Cute AF. The model is Cute AF. Her glasses are Cute AF. Everything about this is Cute AF!

Aurora Shawl Crochet Pattern (Free)

By Deni Made

Spring Crochet Pattern

If you’re looking for a gorgeous light shawl for Spring then this is the place to go. This crochet pattern is beautiful, yet simple. And I’m convinced those colours were created specifically for this model.

Delilah Boho Bag Pattern (Paid)

By Periwinkle Crochet

This crochet purse checks all the boxes for me. This colour is so on trend. The fringe, the shape, the button closure. And. Just. Look. At. That. Motif!!! Need I say more?

Breezy Batwing Tee Pattern (Free)

By I Need It Crochet Designs

Breezy Batwing Tee - Free Crochet Top Pattern

This is the latest addition to my Spring sweater collection. I find the batwing sleeves to be so flattering to my pear shaped figure.

Aliyah Cardigan Crochet Pattern (Paid)

By Another Mum Fights The Dust

Spring Crochet Pattern

Lacy sleeveless cardigans are a definite warm weather staple. I love the simple repeat pattern and the ribbed edges on this crochet cardigan pattern.

That concludes this roundup. I hope you enjoyed it! And if you did, please go visit these awesome designers and send them some love. <3

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Until next time… Happy Hooking! 😉

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