Free Crochet Hat Pattern – Silver Darlings

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Free Crochet Hat Pattern - Silver Darlings

Free Crochet Hat Pattern – Silver Darlings

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Don’t be deceived by the simplicity of this beautiful hat! The herringbone single crochet stitch may be simple, but it creates a thick, warm fabric that is perfect for the cold weather.  Designed to pair perfectly with the Keyhole Scarf, this hat will keep you  comfy and cozy all winter long!

Free Crochet Hat Pattern - Silver Darlings

Free Crochet Hat Pattern – Silver Darlings

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The Yarn

Lion Brand Scarfie is the perfect yarn for this project. It’s super soft and just the right thickness. I really loved working with this yarn. The texture and drape of the yarn material, paired with the lovely ombre colours makes this one of my all-time favourites.

If you were to substitute with another yarn, I would choose something that is a similar thickness, and a single ply. This means the yarn is only made of one twisted strand, not two or three. The single ply really makes the texture of the herringbone single crochet stand out.

Finished Sizes:

Instructions given to fit size Small; changes for Medium & Large are in () 

S (M, L)

To Fit Head Circumference: 21” (22”, 23”)

Finished Circumference: 20” (21”, 22”) 

Finished Length: 10 ½” (with instructions to customize length)

Gauge Swatch:

16 hsc in blo x 10 rows = 4 ¼” H x 4 ¼” W 


I used Lion Brand Scarfie, which is a 78% Acrylic/22% Wool #5 Bulky yarn. 

Any yarn of similar weight would work. 

Approximately 155 (165, 175) yds.

6.5mm Hook

Stitch Markers

Yarn Needle


Measuring Tape


RS = Right Side

WS = Wrong Side

Sk = Skip

St = Stitch

Ss = Slip Stitch

Ch = Chain

Sc = Single Crochet

Hsc = Herringbone Single Crochet (see tutorial here)

Blo = Back Loop Only


Ch1 at the beginning of a row is never considered a stitch. 

This entire pattern will be worked in the back loop only, though the Hsc tutorial is shown using both top loops. 

For this pattern, we will only be using the herringbone single crochet (Hsc) and not the reverse herringbone single crochet.

Free Crochet Hat Pattern - Silver Darlings

Free Crochet Hat Pattern – Silver Darlings


This hat is made by working sideways in rows. Then, the 1st and last rows are slip stitched together to form a tube. Finally, the top is gathered and sewn closed. The brim edge is left unfinished. All rows after row 1 are worked into the back loop only.  Remember that we do not do reverse herringbone single crochet  stitches. Only regular herringbone single crochet stitches. 

With 6.5mm hook (or the hook used to obtain gauge)

Note: To make your hat longer or shorter, simply add or subtract ch sts in row 1. Each 4 chs will alter the length by approximately 1 inch.

  1. (WS) Ch41. Working in back hump of ch: Sc in 2nd ch from hook. Hsc in each ch until 3 chs left. Ss in last 3 chs. Turn.   – 40 st
  2. (RS) Ch1. In Blo: Ss in 1st 3 sts. Sc in next st. Hsc in each st across. Turn.   – 40 st
  3. Ch1. In Blo: Sc in 1 st st. Hsc in each st until 3 sts left. Ss in last 3 sts. Turn.   – 40 st

Repeat rows 2 & 3 until you have a total of 46 (48, 50) rows. Do not bind off. 

Free Crochet Hat Pattern - Silver Darlings

Free Crochet Hat Pattern – Silver Darlings


  • Fold your project in half with the right sides together 
  • Ss the first and last rows together working through the bottom bar of the last row and the two top loops of the first row. 
  • Bind off, leaving a long tail. 
  • Weave your tail through the ends of each row in the top of the hat. Pull tightly and knot to close. 
  • Turn your hat right side out.

Note: I chose not to finish my brim edge, as that would have interfered with the ombre effect. However, if you would like to finish your edge, simply join your yarn with the RS facing you near the seam. Ch1, and sc in each row all the way around the hat brim. Ss to join to the 1st st, and bind off. 

Weave in your ends, and you’re done!

I hope you love your new crochet hat, and I look forward to seeing all of your beautiful pictures on Ravelry!  

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Free Crochet Hat Pattern - Silver Darlings

And until next time… Happy Hooking! 😉

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