10 Amazing And Free Crochet Shrug Patterns

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Thank you for reading my roundup post for 10 Amazing And Free Crochet Shrug Patterns. Many of the patterns contained in this post are not mine and I do not claim them as mine. They are the the hard work of the many dedicated crochet bloggers like myself. The free crochet patterns contained in this post are all linked back to their original blogs and all the credit goes to them. Creating a free crochet pattern requires much work, so please do go and visit their blogs and show them some love!

Summer is beginning to wind down here, in Southeastern Manitoba. The days are getting shorter. The nights are getting cooler. Everyone is trying to squeeze as much as they can out of these last few weeks, before the leaves start to fall and the kids have to go back to school. And can you blame us? Summer is awesome.

Around here, this is when we start to transition into fall. Many of us aren’t ready to give up our summer dresses, crop tops and shorts. But, we do have to admit to ourselves that the weather is cooling. To combat this, we begin to layer. This is where shrugs make a big appearance in my wardrobe. A good shrug will give you just the right amount of warmth, without cramping your summer style.

Then, as we start to accept the fact that summer is ending and fall is here, we can don our fall jeans and tops and still look amazing in our shrugs. This is one of the many things I love about shrugs. They are so versatile, that you can wear them in many different seasons. And it is so easy to customize them to fit your own personal style. Follow along and I’ll show you some of my favourite shrug patterns to add to your closet.

1. The Aprilis Lace Shrug by Janne Klievset of Joy Of Motion Crochet

I just love the lacy stitch detail on this shrug. Add to that, the fact that it uses a bulky weight yarn, and this beautiful piece will just fly off your hook!

2. The Blissful Boho Shrug by Sarah Wright of I Need It Crochet Designs

This is still one of my most favourite projects. I love the triangle shape, and it was this design that actually inspired me to create the Angles Tunic.

3. The Navajo Blanket Shrug by Jess Coppom of Make And Do Crew

Just look at that colourwork! <3 I know this amazing design speaks for itself, but I really must mention that Jess also makes it super easy by supplying a graph for the Navajo design section and even providing a video with tips and tricks!

4. Bestie Shrugs by Abbey Swanson of The Firefly Hook

There are so many things to love about this. First off: Besties! Second: Two patterns in one! Third: Each shrug only takes one skein of fingering weight yarn. Yessssss!!!

5. The Aurora Shrug by Phanessa Fong of Designs by Phanessa

As soon as I saw this shrug I fell in love with the gorgeous, lacy stitch pattern. Phanessa shows you how to make this piece with an easy to follow pattern and even a video tutorial.

6. 132-2 Wild Flower by Drops Design

I had the privilege of making this shrug for a customer a few years back. The flower pattern on the back looks even better in person! Definitely add this to your must-make list!

7. The Cozy Blanket Shrug by Sarah Wright of I Need It Crochet

My goal with this piece was to create something I could just curl up and get comfy in while I crochet or read. I definitely succeeded in my task. This shrug is the ultimate in coziness!

8. The Dakota Shrug by Bailey of Hooked On Tilly

Speaking of cozy… You really have to check out this shrug! Bailey used simple stitches and a self striping yarn to create this super comfortable, easy to follow shrug pattern. I can totally picture myself curled up on the couch in this!

9. Greenlawn by Erika Jackofsky of Fiddle Knits

If you’ve been itching to learn the Pineapple Stitch, this is a great pattern to try it out! Erika uses this beautiful stitch to create a stunning oversized shrug that is sure to get peoples attention.

10. The Juno Shrug by Michele Costa of Stitch & Hustle

This pattern is last on the list, but one of my faves. <3 Michele combined a super-chunky yarn and a simple stitch to create this beautiful, snuggly, warm shrug. Her pattern is very easy to follow and she even gives instructions for how to make it bigger or smaller.

That concludes my list of 10 Amazing And Free Crochet Shrug Patterns. Which ones are you going to add to your project list? Let me know in the comments. And please do visit and follow the amazing designers I have featured in this roundup. They all work hard to bring you fabulous and free patterns every month!

Do you have a favourite brand of hook? My favourite crochet hooks are definitely Clover Amour! As soon as I started using them, I noticed a huge decrease in the strain in my hands, giving me a lot more time to crochet! And if you use this link to buy a set, I’ll get a small commission. 😉

If you enjoyed this list of 10 Amazing And Free Crochet Shrug Patterns, you may want to check out my other designs!

Until next time… Happy Hooking! 😉

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