Bead Picot Stitch Tutorial

This Bead Picot Stitch Tutorial is copyrighted by I Need It Crochet. You may not copy, share, change, or sell the tutorial itself. Also, you may not claim this tutorial as your own. All pictures contained in this tutorial fall under the copyright and may not be used.  When I was designing the Bauble Bandana … Read more

Crossed Double Crochet Tutorial

Hi, my name is Sarah, and I’m addicted to the Crossed Double Crochet. Seriously, though, I just love it! I’ve used it in a few of my patterns now and I know I’m going to use it again. So I thought I would create a tutorial for those of you who aren’t familiar with the … Read more

Picot Stitch Tutorial

I just love the Picot stitch! I think its super pretty in the right places, and adds a sweet little detail to the edging without taking over the piece. I use the picot as a unique, but subtle border in a few of my patterns, including the Blissful Boho Shrug and Angles Tunic. So, I … Read more

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